PDA Spring Kickoff 2022

April 8th - 10th


***IRON PEAKS - 9.10 games CANCELLED, play will resume at 10.20am as scheduled 0-0 ties will be awarded as we didnt reach half time.***

***ALL 7 v 7 games have been cancelled for this event, The river peaked unexpectedly around noon, this caused us to lose fields and a lot of parking at the morningside facility*** 


****Very important message regarding parking at Morningside****

Parking is very limited at the morningside facility due to the river peaking around noon today, we have lost multipal fields and at least 50% of our parking. We can accomadate all other games, BUT we need you to help. There will be a drop off area where you can drop off and then make your way back to PDA where there is more parking and then walk or car pool back across. The walk is approximately 10 mins. The best scenario is to meet at PDA all jump in a few cars and head over to the game. We need your help in order to keep all games on, If this doesnt happen it may mean we have to close down more fields.

Please be respectful to the staff who are trying to make this work!!!

DO NOT park on the road, the officer will ticket you


Boys and Girls Ages 8 - 14

Tournament Director - Nick Heinemann


ALL Games will be played PDA North, PDA Morningside Fields in Somerset NJ and also Iron Peaks in Hillsboro, NJ


US Club permission to host





Application Deadline:
Monday March 7th

Check payments

U8-10 - $725     U11-12 - $900     U13-14 - $950

If paying by check print a copy of your completed application and confirmation, and mail both with your check (payable to "PDA", with club, team name, and age group noted on check) by the deadline to:

31 Roebling Road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924








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