Summer Camp - Position Specific #1 July 19th - 21st



Position Specific Camp #1
July 19th - July 21st
(Open to Non PDA Players)

$175 PDA Players$200 NON PDA Players


This 3-day camp is specifically designed for serious soccer players between the ages of 7-15.  This camp will focus on improving the individual players ability to play a specific position on the field.  Players will have the option to register as a defender, midfielder, or striker.  Each position will have a specific skill set for improvement each day.  Players may come together at times, for example when forwards are attacking we may add defenders, or if we add a transitional element to the session we would add in the midfielders with the backs and forwards.


The Defender Experience 

Themes/Skills to be covered

                -The Art of 1v1 Defending


                -Body Shape & Positioning

                -Effective Clearances

                -Pressure, Cover, Balance

                -Understanding the importance of communication


The Midfielder Experience

Themes/Skills to be covered

                -1v1 Attacking

                -Passing & Receiving under Pressure 

                -Switching the Point of Attack

                -Deep runs from midfield

                -Combination Play

                -Scoring from Distance

                -Spacing & Timing of Movement in the Midfield


The Striker Experience

Themes/Skills to be covered

                -1v1 Attacking

                -Playing with your back to Goal

                -Finishing from Wide Areas

                -Movement to Create Space

                -Turning to Score

                -Combination Play



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Payment will be made by check at the camp: Check made out to PDA


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