PDA South Boys Open Play Dates

U7 to U10



PDA South Boys Program is calling all U7, U8, U9, and U10s for open play day! If your son has early signs of soccer talent or strong passion to learn soccer, please don’t miss out on this opportunity being offered by PDA South


The PDA South Boys program is hosting two open play dates for U7-U10 boys February 8th and 22nd at the BCIT of Westampton (695 Woodlane Road. Westampton , NJ 08060). PDA coaches will select a small number of players to receive FREE training at PDA South on Fridays in April and May for the fall of 2015. The play dates in Feb. cost $10 per date. To register please complete the short form below. All questions regarding this program and PDA South Boys Soccer can be directed to Paul Tanimae at Paul@akkasoccer.com.

Register @ https://forms.dwollalabs.com/pda-south-boys-open-play-for-u7-u8-u9-and-u10s




-Not a school sponsored event-


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