MLS 2011 Supplemental Draft!

2010 Soccer America Top 20 Club Rankings

PDA Players attending the 2011 MLS combine!

PDA are very proud to have 3 Players affiliated with our PDA/PDL programs selected in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft. Congrats to 2011 Selections and good luck as you try to begin your pro careers. Bryan Meredith / Monmouth selected 29th by the Seattle Sounders. Jon Okafor / Brown selected 40th by Chivas USA. Ryan Kinne / Monmouth selected 42nd by the New England Revolution. This is the 5th year in a row that PDA has had players selected in the various MLS drafts. Randi Patterson 2007 by Red Bull NY. Tom Gray 2008 by Kansas City. Jamie Franks 2009 by Chivas USA. Michael Seamon 2010 by Seattle Sounders.

Congratulations to 3 more PDA affiliated  players selected in the MLS 2011 Supplemental Draft yesterday.
Brayan Martinez -  Seton Hall Univ.  - FC Dallas 
Teddy Schneider - Princeton Univ.  - Red Bull NY
Josh Walburn  - Princeton Univ.  -  Philly Union
They join the 3 Players selected in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft last week.

PDA currently has 8 former male players playing professionally in the US and around the world.



Seattle Sounders Seattle

Bryan Meredith


Monmouth University


Chivas Chivas

Jon Okafor


Brown University


New England New England

Ryan Kinne


Monmouth University will be streaming every Combine match LIVE. Or, if you are in Florida, you can attend the games at Central Broward Regional Park. Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

The following is a list of PDA players that will be in attendance. Combine Invitees from PDA (click on player’s name for bio)

Bryan Meredith  - PDA Vieira / Monmouth U.

Jon Okafor - PDA Cantona / Brown University

Brayan Martinez - PDA Vieira / Seton Hall

Ryan Kinne -  PDA/ PDL Spartans / Monmouth U.

All four are participating in the MLS Combine this week. Check it out at:


2010 Soccer America Top 20 Club Rankings

PDA Boys  #  5
PDA Girls # 6

Top Drawer Soccer

We recently redid our TeamRank for the New Jersey region and PDA is clearly the top club:
Boys TeamRank:
(U14 #1, U15 #1, U16 #1, U16A #3, U18A #2)

Girls TeamRank:
(U15 #1, U16 #1 #3,  U17 #1, U18 #1)
Here’s the TeamRank breakdown for a little more explanation:




Top Corner Sports

Top Corner Sports

Nike Football



Ewing Sports

Total Global Sports

Total Global Sports

Anthony Travel

LineMark International

Scouting Zone


United States Soccer Federation


US Club


US Soccer Development Academy

US Youth Soccer Region I



US Youth Soccer

Elite Clubs National League

Athlete Development Institute

Athlete Development Institute