At Home Training Resources Spring 2020

At Home Training Resources Spring 2020
Hello and Welcome to PDA at home training ​!


We are asking all student-athletes, staff, and coaches to focus on HEALTH, SAFETY and FAMILY during this challenging time. As the COVID19 Pandemic evolves we know that much uncertainty lies ahead. We will remain optimistic and hope that our regular routines and activities can resume soon.

Staying HEALTHY and SAFE are paramount and should be the primary goals for all families during this time off.  Student athletes who desire to SELF TRAIN can proceed ONLY with the permission of their parent(s) and under the direct supervision of their parent(s). To be clear - the PDA does not require or recommend self training and it is entirely up to each individual family. Parents will be fully responsible for the SAFETY and HEALTH of their children should they decide to self train.  Again, before begining this or any exercise program, make sure you have your parents approval. Also, please know any player photo/video submitted may be reproduced and/or used for all PDA social media outlets.


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